“An ESG Starting Guide for Young Practitioners” by Konstantina Yaneva, RS Metrics

by Konstantina Yaneva, RS Metrics Data Science intern

In recent years, consensus has broadened over the pertinence of environmental and social causes in managing risk and profitability in the financial sector. A large and ever-growing number of actors (banks, investors, regulatory bodies, business, NGOs, and governments) have expressed their commitment…

by Malcolm Harris, Senior Advisor ESG, RS Metrics

This Earth Day, we were again reminded of the gargantuan challenges we are facing as we attempt to deal with the impacts of climate change. In addition, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the effect that industry has on the planet…

GeoSpatial data-analytics: new trader tools to aid decision-making in the metals markets

by Peter Neumann, Senior Advisor Commodities at RS Metrics

Successfully navigating and positioning in global metals markets from the perspectives of adding or mitigating risk, requires the use of a variety of tools. …

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